Fresh Chicken

Free Range Bannockburn Whole Chickens

Bannockburn (Turi Foods) free range chicken is certified by Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia (FREPA). Their free range chicken standards include,

  • Farms are independently audited.
  • Growth promoting hormones and growth promoting antibiotics are not permitted.
  • Beak trimming, toe trimming, de-snooding or any other mutilation is not permitted.
  • Continuous dim lighting may be used.
  • Stocking density indoors must not exceed 11 birds per square metre.
  • Birds have easy access to an area on which to range during daylight hours.

John Cesters Free Range Whole Chickens

These Free Range, hand packed chickens are certified by FREPA. They are one of the best chickens on the market. The sizes range from size 12 to 20. Their size is their weight – eg Size 16 is a 1.6 KG chicken. We happily joint the chicken to as many pieces as you require.

The following fresh chicken products are free range and grain fed.

Cuts of Chicken
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Cornfed Free Range Whole Roasting Chickens

Chicken Drumettes – The small fleshy part of a chicken wing, often oven baked or barbequed and served as an appetizer.

Chicken Wingettes – The second cut off the wing, the cheapest way to feed a large amount if people. 15-18 per kilo

Chicken Wings – Wings are a great option for bbq and are also a cheaper option for when serving a large number of people. 8-10 per kilo

Chicken Spare Ribs – Ribs are the first cut of the breast with a good amount of meat, they are a great finger food or starter. Easy to fry for 4-5 mins. 25-30 per kilo

Chicken Maryland – Maryland is the thigh and the drumstick together, a thick and moist piece of chicken when oven baked, also great to use for a casserole. 2 pieces per kilo

Chicken Breast on the Bone – If you’re a fan of breast meat you might be used to it drying out when oven baked or casseroled, this is the reason why we keep the bone attached, to keep it nice and moist

Skin on and Skinless Drumsticks – The lower joint of the leg of a chicken

Skin on and Skinless Thigh Fillets – The most tender and juiciest piece of chicken. This piece comes boneless and skin on or boneless and skinless

Chicken Chops

Skinless Chicken Casserole Pieces – This piece of chicken is a skinless chicken drumstick with the bottom end cut off, also known as a lovely leg

Diced Chicken Thigh Fillets – Skinless piece of chicken diced into cubes, excellent for stir fry or to make your own skewers

Minced Chicken Thigh Fillets (left) – Pure skinless thigh fillet coarsely minced to your needs, generally the juiciest of minces.

Minced Breast Fillet (right) – Pure skinless breast fillet minced to suite your needs

Skinless Chicken Breast Fillets – Trimmed breast fillets A grade quality

Skin on Chicken Breast Fillets – Trimmed breast fillets A grade quality

Kiev Cut Chicken Breast Fillets – A boneless chicken breast fillet with the wing and skin attached to keep it moist for when baking or bbq, also known as a supreme cut

Home-made Preservative Free Chicken Stock – Our Chicken stock is made with pure chicken products corn fed chicken bones, necks, wings, giblets. NO ADDED SALTS OR PERSERVATIVES

Cornfed Chicken Portions – At John Cesters Poultry & Game at the Prahran Market we believe that our Glenloth Cornfed Free Range chicken are the best tasting chicken, so we decided to not only sell them whole but also portioned up. We have become the biggest seller in Melbourne of Cornfed chicken. We have:

• Free Range Corn Fed Skinless Breast Fillets
• Free Range Corn Fed Maryland
• Free Range Corn Fed Wings
• Free Range Corn Fed Spare Ribs
• Free Range Corn Fed Bones

Cornfed Free Range Maryland

Chicken Schnitzel – We put in a lot of work at John Cesters to make life easier for our customers, so we have started making our own schnitzels daily. We have:

• Tender large Breast Schnitzel

• Tender Loin Breast Schnitzel which is easy for sandwiches or for snacks.

Free Range Eggs – We sell 2 different varieties of eggs:

• Most Famous Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs
• Sunrise Eggs Free Range and Local from a small supplier in Frankston